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New Galaxy Gear ad sort-of makes fun of Samsung’s big smartphones, promise you can score with ladies

Samsung has released a new ad on YouTube which promotes the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, a device that isn’t the exactly hot selling device the company hoped it will be.

The ad, amusing at first because it suggests guys can score with the ladies as long as they have the proper Gear, may not make Samsung justice after all, and is rather sexist.

Furthermore, the ad implies that you can use the Galaxy Gear smartwatch as a standalone device that can replace your smartphone whenever you need such capabilities form a device. However, the fact is the Galaxy Gear loses its smart features in case it’s not connected to a smartphone, so you’ll always have to have on you a device that’s compatible with the smartwatch.

Moreover, the long ad also makes fun of smartphones because they can be usually dropped or cause you to do other silly things while trying to handle the smartphone, suggesting that using the Galaxy Gear is the better choice to avoid such situations. However, the fact is that Samsung has been pushing bigger and bigger displays on Android devices for years, culminating with its first Galaxy Note, which made smartphones with screen larger than 5-inches popular again. Not to mention that millions of smartphone users – and that includes many million Samsung devices sold to date – have been able to manage their smartphones without the Gear for so many years.

In just a few days, Samsung marketing machine has released several new ads, including the new first full Galaxy 11 video ad, a fun Christmas Galaxy Note 3 promo and this Galaxy Gear commercial. Which one do you like best?

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